$165.5 Million Awarded by New Mexico Jury in I-10 Crash

Late last week, a Sante Fe jury determined that $165.5 million should be awarded to the families of the victims in a 2011 crash near Las Cruces, New Mexico. According to a local news report, the verdict, which was mainly against FedEx, is one of the highest jury awards in the state.

Evidently, a GMC pickup truck was carrying three individuals–one driver and two passengers. The car was struck by a tractor-trailer that was contracted by Fed Ex. Apparently, the accident happened around 1:30 a.m. on June 22, 2011. The driver of the GMC stopped on the side of the road with her hazard lights on, but the tractor-trailer rammed into her SUV from behind.

A negligence suit against Fed Ex was brought by the victim’s husband and her parents. The crux of the family’s argument was surrounding the lack of training and safety procedures for the driver of the tractor-trailer. The victims’ attorneys argued that the tractor-trailer driver could have easily seen the victim’s car and was speeding right before the accident occurred. The jury agreed and found that the defendant was 95% at fault, which resulted in about $157,256,350 of liability.

Jury Awards in Trucking Accidents in New Mexico
When an accident victim or their family brings a claim against a truck driver or trucking company, the process can be lengthy. In the above case, the accident occurred in 2011, but the judgment was just decided last week. It is important to note that, although the judgment was quite large, it is not necessarily the norm, and this particular judgment was the highest in state history.

Settlements in Trucking Accidents in New Mexico
Trials can be lengthy, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. Although many individuals think that a trial is the only way to receive a favorable or substantial judgment, that is not necessarily the case. Settlements are often a preferred method of handling a case by all the parties involved.

Personal injury settlements negate the need for a lengthy trial and can result in quicker decisions and money judgments. Attorneys are indispensable in these types of negotiations because they have the ability to analyze all aspects of a case and determine what the best method of negotiation is and what a fair settlement amount would be. An attorney can assist a plaintiff in developing a theory of a case, interviewing witnesses, and presenting a thorough and appropriate case to the other party’s attorney.

Settlements are often favored by the court system, and it is not often that they are dismissed by a judge. A settlement can allow all parties to resume their lives in a timely manner and move past the damage that has been done.

Have You or a Loved One Been Injured in a Trucking Accident?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a New Mexico trucking accident, you may consider bringing a negligence claim against the truck driver or the trucking company. As discussed above, an attorney can not only help you with litigating the case but can also assist in a possible settlement negotiation. A settlement negotiation may be a better option, since it is generally a faster way to financial relief. The settlement negotiations may account for your past medical bills, future medical expenses, and possibly even punitive damages resulting from the accident. If you have been injured, contact one of the dedicated and experienced attorneys at the Fine Law Firm. Call us at 505-889-FINE to schedule your free initial consultation today.

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