Equipment Failure and Distracted Driving Result in Semi-Truck Crash

In late July, a Utah semi-truck driver lost control of his vehicle and rammed into a concrete barrier. According to one local news report, the driver was traveling northbound on I-15 at around 10 a.m. when the vehicle’s tire blew up. According to witnesses, the truck’s tire seemed to explode, and the semi-truck began to swerve to the left.

After veering to the left, the truck slammed into a concrete barrier and began sliding down the guardrail. The truck finally came to a rest at around mile post 12 of the highway. Police arrived at the scene shortly after the incident and reported visible serious damage to the semi-truck. State Troopers and Highway Patrol had to shut down the freeway for several hours to clear the scene and tow the large truck. An investigation is underway. However, reports indicate that distracted and drowsy driving may have been a contributing factor to the accident.

New Mexico Truck Driving Liability

In the above case, the reports do not indicate that anyone was seriously injured after this accident, although people were likely inconvenienced by the traffic delays. However, this is an anomaly because semi-truck accidents often result in serious injury, property damage, and on occasion fatalities.

Driving such a large vehicle requires a significant amount of skill and experience. It is important that truck drivers and their employers actively ensure that they are trained to drive the type of vehicle they are operating and that their truck is in proper working order. In the above case, the tire blew out, which caused the truck to swerve. It is important that truck drivers ensure that their vehicles are thoroughly inspected before embarking on any journey. Failure to do so may result in the truck driver being liable for the damages that occur in any subsequent accident.

New Mexico’s Distracted-Driving Statute

The circumstances of the accident in the above case are not fully developed. However, police do believe that driver distraction, in addition to the tire blowing out, was a key factor in the accident. Generally, distraction includes things such as not paying attention to road signs, talking on the phone, or texting. In 2014, New Mexico passed Senate Bill 19, which prohibits these types of behaviors. The Bill was enacted to penalize individuals who text while their cars are in motion. Individuals who violate this statute will face monetary punishments. The lawmakers believed that this ban will decrease the amount of accidents such as the case above.

Have You Been Injured By a Distracted Truck Driver?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident such as the one above or another car accident, you should consider contacting the Fine Law Firm for representation in your case. These cases can be very complicated because there can be several parties involved, including truck employers and insurance companies. If you are successful at negotiations or trial, you may be entitled to substantial monetary compensation, depending on the circumstances of the accident and your injuries. Serious injuries require serious and dedicated attorneys. Contact the Fine Law Firm at 505-889-FINE to schedule your free initial consultation.

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