Fire Truck and Pickup Truck Involved in Serious Hydroplaning Accident

In nearby Bell County, Texas, a fire truck and pickup truck were involved in a serious accident after each of the vehicles hydroplaned. Both accidents happened on FM 429. According to a firefighter-oriented newspaper, the fire truck hydroplaned, rolled over, and then proceeded to slam into a tree. Apparently, the pickup driver suffered a very similar fate, when the truck hydroplaned, hit the fire truck, and rolled off the road.

The local news reports indicated that four people in the fire truck were stuck inside, while another was thrown from the truck. The firefighter who was ejected from the truck remains in serious condition. The other firefighters were stuck so badly in the truck that hydraulic tools were necessary to extract them from the vehicle. Two individuals who were traveling in the pickup truck were also taken to the hospital as a result of their injuries. In an ironic and unfortunate twist, the ambulance that was dispatched to assist at the scene of the accident was also involved in a crash.

Preventing Hydroplaning and Avoiding Accidents
Many people do not fully understand the dangers of driving when there is inclement weather. It is important for drivers, and especially trucks and those vehicles carrying passengers, to take all measures to avoid hydroplaning. Hydroplaning can be avoided if drivers take preventative measures before and while they are driving in the rain or snow.

First, drivers should make sure that their tires are properly balanced and rotated. Trucking companies should make sure that all of their trucks are equipped with high quality tires that are specially designed to prevent hydroplaning. Moreover, drivers should make sure to reduce their speed when the conditions are questionable. Additionally, drivers should not use cruise control when there is rain, and they should do their best to avoid standing water and puddles.

If a driver is already in the process of hydroplaning, they should take certain steps to avoid causing an accident. First, the driver should immediately take their foot off the accelerator. The driver should be aware that they should not brake while they are hydroplaning because this can actually cause the car to swerve and become even more out of control. Next, the steering wheel should be turned in the direction that the car is turning. After the tires are reconnected with the road, the driver can then be sure that they have stopped hydroplaning.

Have You Been Injured by a Car that Was Hydroplaning?

If you have been involved in an accident where you were the passenger in a car that was hydroplaning or hit by a car that was hydroplaning, you may have a cause of action for negligence, depending on the specific circumstances of your case. Truck drivers should always be traveling in properly maintained trucks, and they should be adequately trained to control their vehicles. If you were involved in an accident where this may not have been the case, you may consider bringing a personal injury claim against the driver or trucking company. These cases involve a significant amount of investigation and preparation, so it is highly advisable that you contact an attorney to assist you. The attorneys at the Fine Law Firm have years of experience handling personal injury cases. Contact the Fine Law Firm at 505-889-FINE to schedule a free initial consultation.

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