New Mexico Laws Against Distracted Truck Driving

With the increase in popularity of text messaging, distracted driving has become a leading cause of deadly accidents throughout the United States. As a result, the majority of states have implemented some sort of law or policy against distracted driving. These new laws have imposed strict punishments upon those who choose to engage in distracted driving. In some instances, texting or even using a cell phone while driving is illegal.

In New Mexico, it is against the law for any motorist to text or talk on the phone without a hands-free device. Motorists found to be using a cell phone while driving will be fined $25 for the first offense and $50 for each subsequent offense. However, lawmakers are pushing to increase the penalties for cell-phone use while driving.

Advocates Fight for Stricter Distracted Driving Laws

With the rise in distracted driving accidents and fatalities, many lawmakers and citizens have begun fighting for stricter laws to combat distracted driving. These individuals and groups have started focusing their efforts on companies that employ large numbers of people. Advocates have started pressuring the business community to implement complete bans on using cell phones while driving. This push is similar to one many years ago when lobbyists began encouraging employers to require their employees to wear seat belts.

The main challenge with legislation of this nature is the compulsion for people to be connected at all times. Additionally, productivity concerns remain among the top reasons for pushback from employers as well as employees. This most frequently comes up with truck drivers, who have to remain aware of any changes to their deliveries, as well as other employees who spend the majority of their time on the phone during the day.

According to a recent news article, a former businessman who lost his son to a distracted driver now travels around the country giving presentations on distracted driving to large companies in hopes of conveying the message of how dangerous distracted driving is. He also explains the research supporting the conclusion that implementing a cell-phone ban would not adversely affect productivity. He has been successful in getting many Fortune 500 companies to adopt such bans.

Have You Been Injured Because of a Distracted Truck Driver in New Mexico?

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