Specific Limitations in Liability in New Mexico Governmental Tort Suits

In previous posts, we have talked generally about the Tort Claims Act and how it applies to negligence lawsuits brought against the New Mexico government. To elaborate, many states, including New Mexico, are governed by the Tort Claims Act, which outlines when and how the government can be sued. This law provides certain exceptions to the immunity enjoyed by the government.

It is important that individuals who wish to sue the government understand that even if their claim falls into one of the few enumerated exceptions, there are still very specific limitations on what they can recover.

For example, suppose an individual was injured because of a poorly maintained or designed roadway. At first glance, they may meet one of the exceptions, but the next step in the process is for the plaintiff to allege damages. This is where the limitations come into play. In New Mexico, a plaintiff is capped at $200,000 for damage to their property. Additionally, the cap extends to $300,000 for medical expenses and $400,000 for non-medically related damages.

Fire Truck Heading to Emergency Crashes during Rush Hour

Earlier this month, a news report indicated that a fire truck that was heading to an emergency was involved in an accident. An initial report by the Orlando Fire Department indicated that the fire truck collided with at least one other automobile. One person who was hit by the fire truck explained that she saw the truck coming and had to brace herself, but the fire truck ended up side-swiping her car. She then reported that after her car was hit, the fire truck went on to hit an additional two vehicles. The witness explained that the fire truck was traveling very fast, although she could not pinpoint the speed.

Unfortunately, in addition to damage to the vehicles, at least three people were hospitalized because of the accident. The impact seems to be severe because the fire truck was so damaged that it had to be towed away, in addition to two other cars that were being towed. The fire department made a statement that none of the firefighters on the truck was injured. There is no report regarding whether any criminal charges will be pursued.

Have You Been Hurt in an Accident Stemming from a Government Employee’s Negligence?

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