Truck Accidents Caused by Inclement Weather in New Mexico

Although many people imagine New Mexico as a desert state without much variation in weather, New Mexicans know that the state is actually prone to a significant amount of drastic fluctuations in weather conditions. These fluctuations can lead to dangerous consequences for motorists, especially truck drivers. Often, when truck drivers are involved in an accident during severe weather conditions, they will try to attribute the accident solely to the weather. However, research into these accidents has indicated that despite bad weather, many accidents can be avoided, and in many cases, truck driver negligence is the actual cause.

There are regulations in place that guide truck drivers and their employers regarding the length of time a driver is allowed to drive without a break. However, there are many financial incentives in the trucking industry for quick delivery and turnarounds. This often leads to exhausted and distracted drivers. This, in combination with a severe or drastic change in the weather, can lead to potentially deadly situations.

When individuals are injured due to the negligence of a truck driver, it can be extremely difficult to determine the cause of the accident and attribute liability. Truck drivers will sometimes be protected by their employer’s legal counsel, so it is important that victims in this situation are just as protected.

Twenty-Six Cars and Four Tractor-Trailers Involved in a Serious Weather-Related Accident

According to a local news report, at least 21 individuals are recovering after a serious pile-up occurred on Interstate 91 in Connecticut. The report indicates that the original accident occurred on a local bridge and involved a freight truck, a car-carrier truck, and a flatbed truck. The weather conditions were not ideal because the roads were slick with snow and ice.

After the truck accident, one of the tractor-trailers was precariously hanging over an embankment on the bridge. Emergency personnel were called to stabilize the truck and were thankfully able to do so before further catastrophe struck. Evidently, a fuel tank on a tractor-trailer began leaking diesel fuel. Police officials reported various injuries, ranging from minor to very serious. Approximately 21 patients were treated for trauma, but fortunately no fatalities were reported. At this time, officials have not released whether any charges will be brought.

Have You Been Injured Because of a Truck Driver’s Negligence in Bad Weather?

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